Cięcie laseroweCięcie laserowe

Laser cutting of tubes and profiles


Machine park: Adige LT Fiber

Range of possibilities:

  •  tubes from Ø12 to Ø140 mm
  • square profiles with sides from 12 to 120 mm
  • rectangular profiles and flat ovals contained within a circle of Ø170 mm with sides of minimum 10 mm and maximum 140 mm, with the maximum difference between sides being 110 mm
  • maximum weight of profile/tube meter on the feeder up to 15 kg

Producent wyrobów metalowych

GUSMA Production Plant was established in 1986 in Sady near Poznań. It specializes in the manufacturing of metal products made of ordinary, stainless and acid-resistant steel. We currently employ 100 people and have a production area of ​​4,000 m2.

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